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Heaven Is for Real: A Little Boys Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

Heaven Is for Real

Heaven Is for Real ebook Review:

"Burpo, a Wesleyan pastor in rural Nebraska, recounts the story of his son’s mystic vision of heaven while the youngster was suffering from a near-fatal illness in the spring of 2003. Through the course of the work, Burpo recalls conversations he had with his son about what heaven was like. Christians will be encouraged, non-Christians not at all. This work is written in a plain, conversational style that Dean Gallagher narrates with great skill. Gallagher reads at a pace that is never hurried, even when recalling stressful incidents. He is expressive, but never melodramatic—especially when relating the anguish Burpo and his wife felt at nearly losing their child."
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"Heaven is for Real is a a heartwarming, simple, and surprisingly biblical glimpse into a little four year old boy's journey into Heaven. Colton Burpo was four year's old when he found himself at death's door. His family didn't realize he had made his amazing journey until small but shocking revelations that amazed and bewildered his parents began to leak out. Colton didn't just have one sit down conversation, he let his journey be known one startling revelation at a time."

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